Blades for Buddies

by LemonTree | Aug 8, 2013 

In 2013 the Paediatric Oncology Unit treated 8 boys and 1 girl with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

We then realised that in a Government Hospital a very long waiting list for prostheses exists and the 2 boys that were fortunate to receive prostheses never wore them due to extreme discomfort.

At ‘Camp Footprints’ the doctors met a boy with Osteosarcoma who received treatment at another hospital. He had an amputation and received a prosthetic blade that enables him to walk, run and jump!! He was able to join the children on his blade in all the activities at the camp!! So, we got a solution – we need BLADES for our children!!

We had a meeting with the Company (icexpress) a few weeks ago and they are willing to help us, but we need funds. Now we are looking for sponsors to see if we can solve this problem!!

If you would like to get involved, please get in touch with us!